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3 Ways to Provide the Best Virtual Event Experience for your Attendees.

3 Ways to Provide the Best Virtual Event Experience for your Attendees.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Did you know the biggest annoyance of virtual events is a bad connection? Followed by the frustration of bad microphones*? After producing many virtual events over the past year, here are three valuable tips we’ve learned to avoid these problems and improve the virtual event experience of your attendees.

1.) Test your internet strength (and plan back-up wifi.)
It may seem like a no-brainer, but if your virtual meeting is not operating with strong internet bandwidth, you are at risk of a bad connection and will lose the engagement of your attendees.  Nothing kills the great momentum of an awesome meeting more than the glitches and frozen speakers.  How can you avoid such a fate?  We recommend producing your event from a central location with proven internet capability and back ups, just in case something goes wrong. In addition to testing and safeguarding your central location, it is also very important to conduct internet bandwidth testing with all your remote speakers as part of your presenter training.  While you will increase your risk of bad connections by introducing multiple remote speakers, conducting preliminary testing and walkthroughs with your remote speakers can often help avoid this pitfall. 

2.) Source Quality Microphones (and test them!)
Good microphones are imperative to the high quality of your event.  For our hybrid events, we always try to use wired microphones to ensure the best sound quality possible.  If you will be using wireless microphones, check the functionality and the batteries(!) multiple times before the event.  If your speakers will be remote, test their microphone beforehand, even if it is the laptop microphone, to make sure they know how to use it.  We often send speaker kits to our speakers to ensure better sound and lighting quality.

3.) Ensure Seamless Presentation Transitions.
Sharing presentations doesn’t have to be awkward! We all have been on those awkward video conference meetings when the presenter is sharing a presentation with awkward lags and pauses OR constantly asking someone else to advance the slide.Our new shared presentation technology, The Presenter by Digital Motion manages the transitions between multiple presenters in your meeting, eliminating awkward lags and pauses and allowing for more interaction and control between presenters. We use this new event technology as part of our services for all our virtual event clients and they love it!

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