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Capturing Dreams, Creating History and Breaking Records

Capturing Dreams, Creating History and Breaking Records

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

A glimpse into Digital Motion's Guinness World Record™ Triumph

In the world of event planning and production, some challenges are met with extraordinary determination, creativity, and precision. Digital Motion Event Services recently found themselves at the epicenter of such an achievement, playing a pivotal role in Patrick O'Mara's Guinness World Record™ for Most Speeches in 24 Hours. What seemed like an audacious goal became an epic journey, thanks in part to the meticulous planning and unwavering support of Digital Motion Event Services.

Aiming to deliver 32 distinct speeches at 32 different locations to over 350 people in just 24 hours, Patrick approached Brooke Fleming, CEO at Digital Motion Event Services, for help with the livestream and recording aspects of the event. The challenge was not just about breaking records; it was about orchestrating a citywide event that would leave an indelible mark.

Digital Motion's Dream Team: Crafting Success, One Detail at a Time

A critical component of this ambitious endeavor was the Digital Motion team - a synergy of talent and dedication.

Meg Dedmon, Event Planner, took charge as the main point of contact with Pat. Leading project meetings, creating detailed venue lists, and crafting a Minute-by-Minute Run of Show, Meg ensured every aspect was covered.

Digital Motion's COO, Matt Schultz served as the Event Manager and managed the teams and production, ensuring a seamless flow of operations. Jesse Hill, Lead Event Engineer, along with Tim Quarshie, Event Engineer & Camera Operator, worked hand in hand, assembling equipment and capturing every moment.

Ed McLain, Digital Motion's CTO, provided technical expertise, assisting with camera work and configurations. Tyler Turner, Digital Motion’s Intern who studies at UAB, played a pivotal role as a camera operator and provided general support.

The Meticulous Plan: Every Detail Matters

Digital Motion's approach to planning and producing this event was nothing short of exemplary. Meg created marketing materials and a website to promote each unique venue and time. She and Pat meticulously reviewed Guinness rules to ensure compliance, crafted a route schedule, and secured staffing at each location.  The planning team, under CIO Brandi McKean’s leadership, supported the endeavor by actively recruiting attendees, helping to secure the required 10 people for each location and greeting attendees on the day of the event.

The A/V specifics were a masterpiece in themselves - 32 different locations, original speeches, live-streamed footage, rotating camera operators, and battery changes. With continuous footage for 17 hours, the team ensured an uninterrupted record-breaking experience.

A Testimony of Success: Patrick O'Mara Speaks Out

In the words of Pat O'Mara himself, "Working with Brooke and Digital Motion Event Services will remain one of the biggest successes I enjoyed in 2023!" Patrick's dream was not just about achieving a world record, but creating a memorable experience that will be etched in Birmingham’s history. From meticulous planning to technical mastery, their journey with Pat O'Mara showcased their dedication to turning dreams into reality. 

Heart and Expertise

Brooke, expressing pride in the Digital Motion team said, "What sets Digital Motion apart is the HEART that we put into our work. We learn what the event objectives are and then help our clients reach them." Digital Motion didn't just provide A/V support; they helped layout a path to success. As Brooke aptly states, "This experience was the perfect example of how we execute under our guiding principles of high-level service, innovative solutions, a fun team approach, and being a trusted partner. We had the pleasure of partnering not only with Patrick O'Mara, but with the student team from UAB J. Frank Barefield Jr. Entrepreneurship Program, as well as many other volunteers, organizations and community groups in the local Birmingham Area."

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