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Clear Communication for the Win!

Clear Communication for the Win!

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

As the world is still shaken by the ripples of COVID-19, the hybrid event format is definitely the best way to create a compelling user experience for all attendees.

Being sensitive to the needs of your attendees and speakers and providing accessibility for all the ways people choose to participate in your event shows you are putting together a stand out event.  But, planning and producing a hybrid event that comes across as seamless to all attendees can present challenges. 

There are many moving parts of a hybrid event and even with the most detailed planning, your event experience can still seem complicated and overwhelming to your attendees.If your attendees are clear on how to access and engage in your event content, there will be fewer questions, frustrations and your event staff will give a sigh of relief!

3 Ways to Better Communicate with your Attendees:

1.) Send Clear and Concise Welcome LettersWe have found that sending welcome letters a few days ahead of the event, and then again on the day before is a good timing. If these are sent too early, it could get lost in email. Make sure the instructions are clear with instructions that are easy to follow. 

2.) Include an FAQ Section on your Event Website.Identifying Frequently Asked Questions paired with clear answers and posting these on your event website is a great way to head off a multitude of questions. The best FAQ’s are brief and to the point.  Too many details can become overwhelming.

3.) Add Technical Support to your EventAdding technical support for questions that do arise from attendees during the event helps things run more smoothly (and gives you relief from stress!) Our Digital Motion Technical Support team responds to questions via our email ticketing system, toll-free phone number or live chat. Plus, they are courteous, professional and respond to all questions at lightning speed.So, there you have it!

Good communication can be the difference in an event that goes really well or one that doesn’t.  Being proactive with a clear and concise attendee communication can offset confusion and frustration and result in a winning event. 

Want to know more? We’d love to hear about your event and share more of our best practices and recommendations with you. 

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