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Elevate your Corporate Event // Speakers & Content Selection

Elevate your Corporate Event // Speakers & Content Selection

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Part Three // Speakers & Content Selection

Once you have your Planning & Organization framework in place, you are now ready to select and secure the speakers and prepare the content for your attendees.

Selecting speakers and content for an event is a critical aspect of the planning process that can be stressful, because it significantly influences the overall success and impact of an event. Various aspects contribute to a positive attendee experience and the overall achievement of event objectives. With a methodical approach, you can curate an amazing line-up of speakers that bring all the right elements together for an outstanding event.

Top 5 questions to ask to ensure you choose the best speakers for your event:

1. Will your speakers help foster audience engagement in your event?

Dynamic and impactful speakers who are engaging captivate the audience’s attention and help maintain their interest throughout the event. Well-crafted, high-quality content, along with enriching and interactive presentations, ensures a well-rounded experience leaving a lasting positive impression on all attendees.

2. Are your speakers experts in their field and relevant to your event?

Speakers whose expertise is aligned with the event's theme and objectives ensures a personalized and relevant experience. Tailored, customized content should address topics that are in sync with the goals of the meeting, ensuring a cohesive and purposeful experience that reinforces the professionalism and credibility of the event. 

Make sure your speakers are knowledgeable and bring authority to the event. They should be able to effectively communicate insights and expertise to the audience. Their content should be carefully curated to deliver key messages, insights, experiences and industry trends that will be valuable takeaways to attendees. Likewise, speakers who can adapt their presentations to different formats (keynote, panel discussion, workshop) contribute to the overall success of the event by accommodating diverse learning styles and preferences.

3. Are your speakers diverse and do they offer inclusive educational Value ?

Conferences serve as platforms for the exchange of ideas and information. Speakers who bring educational value contribute to knowledge transfer, empowering attendees with new skills, actionable insights and practical takeaways, while a lineup of diverse speakers offers different perspectives, backgrounds, and viewpoints. Carefully designed content ensures the event serves as a valuable educational platform and is a well-rounded experience for all attendees. 

4. Will your speakers bring networking opportunities to the event?

Well-known or influential speakers can attract a broader audience, providing valuable networking opportunities for attendees. The presence of respected speakers may also draw industry leaders, influencers, and media coverage, providing additional exposure to the event. Attendees are more likely to connect with others who share an interest in valuable, educational, quality content that facilitates discussions and interactions with one another.

5. Will your speakers create a post-event “halo” effect?

A positive speaker impact extends far beyond the event, fostering continued interest and engagement. Well-known or influential speakers can be powerful promotional assets, attracting attention and boosting attendance for years to come. Valuable content continues to provide benefits as attendees apply the acquired knowledge post-event and anticipate interest in future events.

The impact of an event extends beyond the day itself. Carefully selecting speakers and content is a strategic decision that directly impacts the event's success, attendee experience, and overall perception. Thoughtful consideration of the speakers' expertise, relevance, and ability to engage the audience is crucial for creating a meaningful and impactful event.

By aligning speakers and content with the event's goals and audience expectations, event organizers can foster engagement, deliver valuable information, and leave a lasting positive impression on attendees.

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