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Elevate your Event Audio & Visual Service. Here’s How!

Elevate your Event Audio & Visual Service. Here’s How!

Sunday, October 23, 2022 A/V Audio/Visual Production

Select the A/V Partner of your choice. Here's the Top 5 things you should look for!

If you have planned corporate events for your organization or company, you’ve probably had the need to contract Audio/Visual Services for your meetings.  This often means you are locked in to using the “in-house” A/V of your venue and have little to no flexibility in who you work with, the price you pay or the ability to maximize the potential of your event with customized solutions. 

Many of our clients have previously paid thousands of dollars in inflated prices, and get little to no added value in the A/V services they have contracted.  This can be frustrating when you feel like you are spending a large part of your event budget on A/V when you have so many other event needs as well.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Did you know it is possible to orchestrate your A/V services differently, putting yourself in the driver's seat to choose who you work with and select the services you need to make your event a success? The ability to do this starts at the point of your event site selection.  By starting at the site selection phase, you can negotiate the ability to contract with the A/V Team of your choice in your venue contract.

Pro Tip: Some contracts are just confusing and make you think you have to use in house AV vs just getting a quote.  If you need help with this, Contact Digital Motion Full-Services Planning Division to speak with an Event Planner to help to review your existing contract OR negotiate the A/V of your choice in your contract.

When searching for an A/V Partner, here are the Top 5 things to be looking for:

1.) Listening Ear

Look for an A/V company that listens first. You know the objectives, the culture and priorities  of your event best.  You are able to describe the vision of your event and what is important to your attendees, your presenters and your stakeholders.  Your A/V Team should be ready and willing to listen to you to understand what they can do from an A/V perspective to make your meeting experience engaging, and your content seen and heard in the best way possible by all attendees.

2.) Solid Expertise

There are many ways to elevate the audio and visual aspects of your meeting.  Be sure to look for an A/V Team who has solid experience in innovative event technology to bring together the production that meets your needs.  Your event engineers should not only be well trained, professional and courteous, but also serve as a thought leader on the best lighting, stage presence, recording, broadcasting, streaming solutions that will enhance your event and work with your budget.

3.) Well Organized

Nothing is worse than disorganization! Especially when it comes to your event.  Look for an A/V team with a project management function.  Your A/V team should work from an efficient project plan to meet all important deadlines leading up to your event.  They should help you create a “Run of Show” that details your meeting agenda.  They should be communicating with you on a regular basis on the progress of the implementation plans leading up to and during the event.

4.) Skilled in Virtual Production

Let’s face it, we are in a new world of A/V.  Most corporate programs that have a national and global presence require a hybrid format. This means that your A/V team must not only be skilled in on-site production, but also know how to stream your program virtually as well.  Learning how to do this well takes highly detailed coordination, expert knowledge of virtual event technology and the ability to deliver your content to two audiences simultaneously.  Look for A/V teams that have experience doing this over multiple platforms. 

Pro Tip: Adding a technical support team to your hybrid event is an absolute must for a smooth hybrid event.  Find out how by Calling Digital Motion Event Services.

5.) Valued Partner

Lastly, after you have spent all the time and effort to communicate your organization’s goals and event objectives and work closely together on your meeting, you will want that investment to reap further rewards. This is the benefit of having an A/V team that can be your long-term partner.  When your A/V team gets to know your team members, becomes familiar with your program and speakers, they are able to grow and evolve with your organization’s event program over time. When you are able to enter into this type of partnership with your A/V team, you will reap many benefits and value year after year.

If this sounds like what you need in order to elevate your corporate meeting, we invite you to consider Digital Motion Event Services. (You saw that coming, didn’t you??)  

Our mission at Digital Motion is to go above and beyond for our clients.  We want to provide innovative, creative solutions that enhance your meeting and accomplish your goals.  And above all, we want to be your valued partner.  

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