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Keys to success for Hybrid Events

Keys to success for Hybrid Events

Thursday, June 30, 2022

After supporting our clients through multiple events in various formats this Spring, we want to take a few moments to share our tips for planning awesome events in 2022.

Digital Motion's Keys to Success for Awesome Events in 2022: 

1.) Thorough Event Planning
The saying may be cliche, but “What gets planned is what gets done” is very fitting for event execution.  With the complexities of virtual, onsite and hybrid formats, the more comprehensive the planning, the better the event will run.  And a well run event translates to a positive experience for attendees and enables your organization and stakeholders to achieve the objectives of your event.   Good planning starts with a good structure, overall plan, broken into small deadlines along the way.  It takes discipline and structure to execute on the plan but in the end it is well worth it. For successful events, the key is in the details.  We recommend hiring a seasoned event planner that can help you expertly plan a well run, effective event and also help you avoid the many pitfalls that can crop up. Need a planner? Reach out to Digital Motion and tell us about your event! We’ll share our Digital Motion Event Success Plan and give you our best recommendations for a successful event.   

2.) Good Communication
Good communication can make or break a well run event. Even though it is tempting to think we are communicating well, sometimes we find that people are confused. Learning how to communicate well to various segments involved in your event can take a little practice.  We recommend strategically segmenting your event communication needs in the following areas: 

  • Attendees:  

For your attendees, be sure to share information ahead of time on the agenda, content, networking time, free time, food and beverages, etc. to help set expectations.  Here are some examples: For the virtual audience, including instructions or video on how to access the virtual platform or content, when to join, how long the sessions will be will all help provide clarity.  For the onsite audience, provide effective wayfinding signage, information on agenda and session locations, as well as meals and receptions, and available breakouts or facilities perks. 

  • Speakers:  

Setting your timeframes, instructions to join (virtually or in person), desired content, and information about the audience can help set up your speaker for success. Adding in speaker training for virtual or hybrid formats is a great way to avoid last minute technical issues for remote speakers. 

  • Staff:  

Whether they are volunteers, paid or a mixture of both, provide your event staff with a clear schedule, accountability structure, access to meals, and assigned work areas. This is critically important to having a well run staff at your event.  Also, sharing expectations of client service levels and escalation protocols is also a good way to pave the way for smooth running events.  

3.) Triple Checks
Check Everything. A lot. We can’t emphasize this enough, but especially in virtual and hybrid event formats, the details matter and they are so very important.  Implementing checklists, cross checks, and validations can be the difference between a successful event and a train wreck.  We recommend routine checks on all technical preparations days in advance.  We routinely plan on setting up, testing and performing a dry run to all our clients one or two days before the event. And then of course testing everything again prior to show time.

You don’t have to be the expert!
We get it! You have enough on your plate to also be in charge of planning and executing your next event. We are in the business of partnering with busy people to help make your event a success.  From start to finish, we fill in the gaps and help you make your event awesome.

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