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Press Release: Digital Motion Announces Full-Service Event Planning Division

Press Release: Digital Motion Announces Full-Service Event Planning Division

Tuesday, September 6, 2022 Event Planning News

Lead Event Planner, Brandi McKean transitions to role of Chief Implementation Officer, heading Full-Service Event Planning Division

  • Birmingham-based Digital Motion announces new Full-Service Event Planning Division
  • Digital Motion's Lead Event Planner Brandi McKean moves to CIO, heading Event Planning Division
  • Digital Motion, already well-positioned in virtual, hybrid and on-site events industry, now offers a full range of planning, production and technology event services.

September 6, 2022, Birmingham, Alabama. Digital Motion Event Services, a growing event services company headquartered in Birmingham, AL, is leading the industry in high-quality event planning, implementation and production for virtual, hybrid and on-site events. On September 6, 2022, Digital Motion announced that Lead Event Planner, Brandi McKean will transition to serve as Chief Implementation Officer and head the company's Full-Service Planning Division.

"This leadership development allows our company to continue to serve our clients holistically in all aspects of event planning, implementation and production, becoming a one-stop shop for event services from start to finish. It positions Digital Motion to continue its strong standing in the corporate event services industry," commented Brooke Fleming, Digital Motion CEO.

Digital Motion, founded by IT architect and entrepreneur Edward McLain, has been providing outstanding audio and visual event services via tailored, technology-based solutions for over a decade.  When the pandemic hit in 2020 and the landscape for live events changed abruptly, the company pivoted to meet the needs of clients. Building a solid team of planners and tech engineers, as well as strengthened processes and API integrations, the company pioneered creative technology solutions for virtual event production, execution and support. 

Along with the shift to supporting virtual events, Digital Motion has been serving clients with full-service planning as part of its overall event services offerings for the past three years. Brandi McKean, Digital Motion's Lead Event Planner with 20+ years of event planning experience has been an integral part of the company's high-quality event planning.  Her work has increased the company's ability to support clients throughout the recent industry shifts by planning engaging attendee experiences in all event formats while helping the client achieve optimal return on investment (ROI) on their events.

Under McKean's leadership, Digital Motion has focused on developing, testing and fine-tuning efficient and effective planning processes for all event formats.  The announcement of the Full Service Planning Division highlights Digital Motion’s growing capabilities in every aspect of corporate event planning, implementation, technology and production.

“As CIO and Lead Event Planner, I hope to accomplish long-lasting partnerships with valued clients.  As an extension of their team, an event planning partnership will produce long-term benefits for our clients' overall event objectives,” stated McKean of her new role with the company. “My overall approach to working with clients is to take time to understand their event, their vision, their expectations, the culture of their company, and their target audience.  I like to think of our planning services as an extension of a client’s internal team and aim to produce results that their company can be proud of,” McKean further stated.

Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, Digital Motion Event Services is a technology-focused, full-service event planning, audio-visual production and event technology company committed to partnering with our clients across the globe to bring high-quality, full-service solutions to their events; giving them peace of mind and a seamless experience. 

Digital Motion Event Services Contacts:

Company Website: www.digitalmotionevents.com
Email: info@digitalmotionevents.com

Brooke Fleming, CEO
bfleming@digitalmotionevents.com, 800.385.9684

Edward McLain, Founder & CTO
emclain@digitalmotionevents.com, 800.385.9684

Matt Schultz, President & COO
mschultz@digitalmotionevents.com, 800.385.9684

Brandi McKean, CIO & Lead Event Planner
bmckean@digitalmotionevents.com, 800.385.9684

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