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Take Care of All the Details! Here's how.

Take Care of All the Details! Here's how.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.”– Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian inventor, architect, artist, mathematician, scientist

It’s no joke! Attention to the details can make or break your virtual event. We’ve learned a few things about executing events in the virtual space and we want to pass along our best tips to you. 

Here’s how to make sure you don’t miss a thing when planning your virtual event!

1.) Build in more pre-planning time. 
The biggest mistake we have seen in planning virtual events is the major underestimation of time it takes to plan and execute them. In our experience, virtual events take up to 3-4 times the amount of up-front planning as a given on-site event.  You’ll need to include time to identify and set up your technology platform, onboard and train presenters and attendees and coordinate your presentations, graphics and videos. Just to name a few! 

2.) Avoid using the same format for virtual.
This is important.  Don’t replicate an on-site event directly as a virtual one. Virtual events require an entirely different mindset, with a specific focus around scheduling breaks, and interactive sessions. This creates many more details to coordinate, such as minute by minute run-of-show plans, management of the presenter’s presentations (pre-recorded or live), and the planning of live panels and virtual Q&A sessions.  This will require more detailed preparation, but it will be worth it! Curating virtual friendly meeting agendas keeps the attention of your attendees and makes your sponsors glad they invested in your opportunity. 

3.) Have a Plan B (and Plan C!) Ready.
Virtual events rely on the internet and on end-users to do their part to participate in the event. This can lead to a variety of problems, ranging from attendees being unable to log in to the event, to stream stutters, to having speakers drop off calls mid-presentation. The key is having technology back-up plans in place to cover any one of these failures.  Preparing for all outcomes helps mitigate the risk of something going wrong.  Again, this creates more details to manage, but doing so will prepare you for smooth sailing. In addition, understanding that things can happen in a virtual format (and planning ahead for them) can change both your mindset and the experience from your attendees perspective. This can convert a potentially negative experience into a positive one. 

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