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Take Note: Important Tips for your 2022 Event

Take Note: Important Tips for your 2022 Event

Saturday, January 29, 2022

As we have been busy working with our clients on 2022 event plans, we have become aware of a few important points to note that we want to be sure to share with you to set you up for event success this year.

1. Accessibility and Safety of Attendees is Key.
As we all are aware, we are still experiencing a global pandemic.  It is very important to keep accessibility and safety as a number one priority in planning for your attendees. We love in-person experiences and want to see that return back to normal as soon as possible.  But, we must keep the wellbeing of all attendees in mind, and allow for everyone to participate in our event offerings.  What does this look like? Many of our clients are offering hybrid formats (meaning including a virtual component) in 2022.  And in fact, most likely this will become a mainstay for our industry in the future. Adding a virtual component might seem overwhelming. However, depending on your specific event format and content, there are many ways to implement this change that can be non-intrusive to your existing program, and won’t blow your budget. For on-site only events, practicing COVID-19 safety protocol is more important as ever.  Here are a few tips: 

  • Make sure you are following the masking rules and guidelines for your area. 
  • Provide clear messaging on site to communicate what the guidelines are. 
  • Provide complimentary masks and hand sanitation stations. 

Pro-tip: Include your safety protocol for the on-site meeting in your pre-event communications so your attendees know what to expect. This will send the message that you are prioritizing their safety. 

2. Flexibility in Planning is Critical. 
Since we don’t know exactly how the COVID-19 numbers will be in any given month in the next year, it is important to keep your event plans flexible. Even if your on-site numbers are less than normal, keeping the in-person element to your event (when feasible) creates an electric energy that translates to your online audience.  Being able to allow your attendees numbers to swing from more on-site or more on-line gives you the ability to host a successful event program, regardless of how people attend.  Your audience will be glad they can participate and appreciate having options for how they connect with your meeting content. Pro-Tip:If possible, keep your key note and panel sessions live for the virtual audience. This is a great way to keep excitement present in your meeting. You can always have a pre-recorded presentation as a back up, just in case. Plus, Digital Motion has a handy tool for managing multiple live high-content presentations, The Presenter by Digital Motion. Learn more here. 

3. Keeping Up with all the Details
More Important than Ever!Hybrid and virtual events are an amazing way to maximize your event, leveraging the full potential for your meeting and broadening your reach.  Along with the opportunity to make your event bigger and better comes a LOT of details to manage. Make sure you have systems in place to manage all the moving parts of the attendee experience, onboarding your speakers and exhibitors and successfully executing your event.  There is a lot that can go wrong in an event whether it is on-site, virtual or live. But preparing for things ahead of time can offset that risk. 

You don’t have to be the expert in all of this!
That is what Digital Motion is here for, to partner with you, take care of all the details and allow you to relax, knowing everything if handled properly. 

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