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Teamwork makes Dream Work

Teamwork makes Dream Work

Friday, July 16, 2021

Here at Digital Motion, we stay on the cutting edge of event innovation, modernization and professionalism. With every event we produce, we redefine our processes constantly, always looking for better, more efficient ways to produce, monitor and support live virtual events.

After completing an intense 7 day global event with over 800 presenters from 60 different countries in 240 sessions and multiple time zones, we polled the Digital Motion Team for insight on approaching large virtual events so we can pass along our best practices to you.Here is what they had to say:

What is your number one tip for success for planning a global virtual event?

Matt: Chief Operating Officer
First, it is important to allocate an appropriate budget for the nature of your event. If your event has a large number of speakers, keep the production level simple with Zoom sessions, monitoring and technical support.  If you don’t have too many speakers, use your budget to go all out on video production, switching moments, as well as including the necessary support services, and give your attendees an elevated event experience.

Brandi: Event Planner/Professional Planning.
Don’t let your assistant take this task on! Instead, let someone who is professionally trained to handle this work do it right.  Think about what each person associated with the event needs, such as global attendees, presenters, sponsors, etc. The professional planner will know how to meet every person’s needs and help you make your event successful.

Nicole: Tech Engineer
Creating a dynamic, interactive environment for your event is crucial to bringing it to life and keeping participants captivated!Leverett: Tech EngineerHave patience and understanding. There is a lot going on behind the scenes on your screen that you don’t realize. Know that and have patience. 

Phil: Director of Event SuccessPreparation:
Preparation. Preparation.  AND time zone confirmation!!! Never make assumptions, triple check everything. Stay nimble!

Ed: CEO & “Lead Geek”:
For any event, I try to rely on the 3 P's.  People, Process, and Patience.  Make sure you have the right people handling the right tasks, Make sure you have or create the right processes for managing all the tasks that have to be completed. And lastly, have patience with your team, your contractors, and yourself. Any event, especially large ones, take on a life of their own and things will be missed and issues will come up. Having the right people and the right processes in place ensures they will get handled quickly and correctly, ultimately ensuring your attendees have an amazing experience.

Well, there you have it!
Fresh insights from a hardworking team. Go and make your event awesome! And, if you need help, be sure to reach out to Digital Motion. Getting started is so easy, just schedule a free consultation and pricing quote by visiting www.digitalmotionav.com

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