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Transform your Virtual Event from Awkward to Seamless

Transform your Virtual Event from Awkward to Seamless

Thursday, October 28, 2021

As an event services company serving clients globally, our team is helping clients transition between live, in-person events to virtual or hybrid ones.

This pivot is necessary to keep business, education and other events on track while letting attendees attend in ways that they feel most comfortable with. However, even after the threats posed by COVID-19 have passed, we believe that the convenience and global reach of hybrid and virtual events will make them a permanent part of the future. While working with clients to provide virtual solutions, we saw the need for additional pieces of technology to make webinars run more smoothly and thus be more engaging. There are many benefits to working from home, but many of us have developed “webinar-fatigue” due to the frequent awkward lags, pauses, people talking over one another, and the time-consuming transitions between presenters online. You know, all of the “Can you see my screen?”, “Can you advance the slide?”, “Next”, “No, you go ahead”, and so on.Solving this problem was the impetus for developing a new shared presentation platform, “The Presenter” by Digital Motion. We want you to know how “The Presenter” can transform your virtual meeting!3 Ways “The Presenter by Digital Motion” Can Help You Transform Your Virtual Event fromAwkward to Seamless:1. Save Precious Time in Your Meeting“The Presenter” eliminates the need for screen sharing and avoids all the starts and stops of transitions between presentations. This saves wasted time of coordinating changes between presenters. Your content is communicated quickly and efficiently, in an engaging way, saving you time and most importantly, the time of your attendees.2. Gain Control of your EventWith “The Presenter”, you gain superior control over your webinar or virtual meeting.  Presentations are added on a playlist and control is assigned to each presenter in the order of the meeting agenda. This gives YOU complete control of the flow of your event, so you can manage it to perfection and avoid many of the distractions that come from screen sharing.3. Eliminate StressYou no longer have to worry if your event will go smoothly or not because you have put in place safeguards to ensure a seamless experience for your attendees. This takes your virtual meeting from mundane to polished in an instant and creates a better experience for your attendees. This means you can relax!How exactly does “The Presenter” work?  Good Question!PowerPoint™ presentations are managed centrally, but controlled remotely. Multiple presenters can present from anywhere in the world.Each presenter has the ability to view their speaker notes for each slide and use a remote control to advance their own slides. The presentation is shared by Digital Motion using high bandwidth servers into many of the available meeting applications - no more screen sharing, no more awkward lags.Your audience enjoys a cohesive, seamless virtual experience.Try It! There are two ways to try “The Presenter by Digital Motion” at your next event:1. Partner with Digital Motion Event Services.Digital Motion provides you with robust event services, including event planning, coordination, production and support - basically, we do it all so you don’t have to! Start with a simple free consultation and tell us about your event and we will give you a custom plan with everything you need to make it a success, including using “The Presenter” in your production for seamless transitions between presenters.2. Join our Free Beta Program!If you are techy, a production agency, or just produce your own events ongoing, apply for our Beta Program. For a limited time, we are taking applicants for our Free Beta Program! By joining the Beta Program, you can use “The Presenter” shared presentation platform for all your events.Learn More.It’s so easy to get started!1.) Schedule a free, no obligation consultation by visiting www.digitalmotionav.com.2.) You will receive our best tips and a customized recommendation for your event, along with an estimate of service options.3.) Once you are ready to move forward, your dedicated Digital Motion team member will share our Digital Motion Event Success Plan and next steps.4.) You will be on track to Elevate your Event!We help you make your event a success!The Digital Motion Team

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