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What makes a Great Event Plan and Why is Event Planning so Important?

What makes a Great Event Plan and Why is Event Planning so Important?

Wednesday, August 31, 2022 Event Planning

Three Keys to a Successful Event Plan, an interview with Digital Motion's new CIO & Lead Event Planner Brandi McKean

If you are a Digital Motion Client, you probably know Brandi McKean. After working with Digital Motion clients as our Lead Event Planner for the past several years, she is making the transition to her new role of Chief Implementation Officer and leading our Full-Service Planning Division.  Digital Motion is excited to have Brandi as a part of our Executive Team.  We are thrilled to formally announce the Full Service Planning Division of Digital Motion. 

As Brandi leads our team in planning services, we recognize the expertise she has already brought to our clients. The high level of customer service and experience she will continue to bring is no doubt an asset for Digital Motion. 

So, what makes a great event plan and why is it so it important?
We sat down with Brandi to find out!

Q. Thanks for taking the time to visit with us today. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, your work with Digital Motion thus far and why you enjoy the work you do?

A. Of my 20 plus years of work experience, the work I do at Digital Motion has been the most rewarding.  Providing services to clients that need our help is valuable to me.  During the pandemic, we had to quickly learn how to help clients continue their course of business and event plans by virtually producing meetings.  I am proud of our Digital Motion team for the way we transformed our services to accommodate this new reality.  Clients needed our help and we developed proven, tested processes to help keep them moving forward.  

Now with more onsite and hybrid events on the horizon, I am excited to see our team further define our services and offerings with full service planning.  The culture we have built and continue to build at Digital Motion is one that will provide our clients with valuable partnerships that produce successful results for years to come.

Q. What makes a good Event Plan? Why is Event Planning so important?

A. There are many types and sizes of events, each with a certain level of planning that is needed. Event planning, large or small, will have an effect on the outcome of your event. Evaluating the level of planning needed is one of the first steps to a successful event.  Once you recognize the level of resources for your event, determine the expertise level and time needed to properly devote to the event.  

Event plans can be detailed and complex, involving multiple moving parts that must be coordinated. In summary, a good event plan consists of these three features:

  1. Understanding the unique needs of each event
  2. A detailed project plan including project deliverables, and project milestones
  3. Proven planning processes that show progress on every step

If you don’t include these three features, your event could fall short. Often, the detailed planning work is what can make or break an event.

Q. In your new role as Chief Implementation Officer and Lead Event Planner with Digital Motion, what do you hope to accomplish? How do you approach your work with our clients?

A. As CIO and Lead Event Planner, I hope to accomplish long lasting partnerships with our clients.  I think of our clients as partners.  As an extension of their company, an event planning partnership will produce long term benefits for our clients. Many events and meetings are cyclical.  Once we understand the culture and nature of our client’s business, it is beneficial to the client to have a partnership that produces and improves results year over year.

My overall approach to working with clients is to take time to understand their event, their vision, their expectations, the culture of their company, and their target audience.  I like to think of our planning services as an extension of a client’s internal team and aim to produce results that their company can be proud of.  

Q. What can clients expect when they choose Digital Motion to partner with them for Full Service Event Planning?

A. A Digital Motion client can expect client service at their fingertips. Our goal is to communicate effectively to ensure that each planning phase of the project is on target.  Our event planners offer weekly or bi-monthly status planning and progress updates. A Digital Motion client can expect a partnership where we are truly invested in the best interest of our client.

Q. What does success look like for Events and for Event Planning?

A. Our success is defined by our client’s feedback. We value our client’s opinions and thoughts about our event planning process, our communication, and our overall event strategy.  A successful event begins in the planning phases and culminates with the implementation of the detailed plans that have been put in place. Whether your event is onsite, virtual, or hybrid, at Digital Motion, we have solidified planning and implementation processes that ensure no details are left undone.  

Q. You have been an integral part of this company for the past three years. Why do you choose to work with Digital Motion?

A. Starting the Full Service Planning division of Digital Motion Event Services is one of the most exciting opportunities of my career.  It is an opportunity to create, build and have an influence over something of value that will benefit others in the workplace.  Providing services to individuals and companies that need our help is a true joy.  It’s not a job, it's a passion.

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