Corporate Event Production

Digital Motion  Production Services

We know you desire to achieve a successful event that runs smoothly and provides real value for both presenters and attendees. In order to do that, you need a team you can trust to help you plan and execute an excellent event from start to finish. 

The problem is, virtual, hybrid and on-site events can be highly complex, with lots of details and technical issues—and that can make you feel anxious about the time, knowledge, and resources you need to be successful. We know how it feels, and we’re here to help.

Digital Motion offers complete audio and visual services for every event format whether virtual, hybrid or on-site.  Our event engineers are highly trained and courteous.  Our winning technical support team makes every attendee feel important and cared for.

Corporate Event
Production Services

Onsite  |  Virtual  |  Hybrid

Digital Motion Event Services provides a wide range of production services to small-to-large corporations and organizations. We specialize in video, audio, live-streaming, creative consultations, and staff coordination to meet your present and future needs.

As a full-suite event services company, we offer a wide range of event management services that include production; we easily cater to our client's bespoke needs for onsite, virtual ad hybrid events.

We deliver more than just production and logistics:
We also incorporate technical support and production setups and staging, such as lighting and live streaming/broadcasting services.

Digital Motion Event Production Services

We understand that you want a successful event that runs smoothly and offers real value to presenters and attendees. You'll need a team you can rely on to help you produce and execute an outstanding event from start to finish.

The issue is that virtual, hybrid, and on-site events can be highly complex, with numerous details and technical issues—which can make you concerned about the time, knowledge, and resources required to be successful. We understand how you feel, and we're here to help. Digital Motion Event Services provides complete audio and visual services for all event formats, including virtual, hybrid, and on-site events. Our event engineers are well-trained and professional. Our winning technical support team makes each attendee feel valued and vital.

Event Production Services

Our trained event engineers work as an extension of your team to provide as many (or as few) support services as you require to ensure the success of your event from start to finish.
Event Coordination & Implementation
Because no two events are alike, customization is essential. We'll meet with you to understand your objectives, then walk you through the planning stage to ensure every detail is covered. This will help make sure your conference or event runs smoothly.
Presenter & Exhibitor Onboarding
Coordination and management of all the people involved in your exhibitor areas and trade shows and events can be time-consuming and difficult. We'll eliminate the stress by ensuring your presenters and exhibitors are properly onboarded.
A/V Production, Recording & Live-streaming
We can help you take control of digital and virtual events as a full-service event video production company. Not only will we produce and monitor your event minute by minute: We will also handle all aspects of production, including pre-recording, so you can relax. You'll never be left to run the show alone with Digital Motion Event Services.
Technical Support
& Monitoring
We understand that there might be hitches that come up on the day of; however, we plan to manage these properly to ensure the final product is perfect regardless of any technical difficulties. If technical problems do arise, Digital Motion Event Services will address them immediately.

We have the technical expertise you can rely on, including API integration, troubleshooting and CME capabilities, among others.

The Importance of an Event Audio/Video
Production Company

All top event management companies, such as Digital Motion Event Services, understand that the best events are marketing strategies that deliver results well beyond the event itself. Many businesses use event videos as a pivotal part of their marketing materials. These productions are used to create highlight reels, promote upcoming events, broadcast live content to remote audiences, recruit and train staff, and create a body of historical records for the company.

Our team is prepared to cover any event, including educational conferences, award ceremonies, user conferences, trade show events, industry expos, press conferences, product launch parties, charity events, and corporate events. Our team will work alongside you to ensure your video content is fully customized to match the brand and theme of the event.

Your Digital Motion Event Services
Customized Event Success Plan

Set up a no-obligation consultation and tell us about your upcoming event.
We will listen to your goals and budget, then create your 
Digital Motion Customized Event Success Plan 
based on your
support needs in three major categories.

The great news is our process is simple. As a professional event video production firm, we offer that ‘wow’ factor in every production while
ensuring the process of event planning and production remains as uncomplicated and simple as can be.

Here’s our standard three-point plan:

Event Preparation
During our consultations, we will discuss every aspect of the event, from estimated cost projections to backup plans and more.

  • Project Plan
  • Run of Show
  • Registration Solutions
  • Virtual Platform Builds
  • Speaker & Attendee
    Prep & Training
  • Audience Management
  • Room Layouts
Event Production
Any event that is adequately prepared is set up for success.
We offer full audio-visual production services including:

  • On-site Projection
  • On-site/Virtual Recording
  • Live Streaming
  • Virtual Production
  • Virtual Session Management
  • Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Technical Support
For events that require technical support, we offer fully trained U.S. based Live Technical Support Teams:

  • On-site or Remote Support
  • Fully Trained Techs
  • Email Ticket System
  • 800 Number
  • Chat

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